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Touch Screen Hotbox (Model 310-A)


This is a Full digital Balloon Development System (Model 310A), features an Allen Bradley PLC and Touch Screen HMI with a mass flow controller for the heater air. It also features an electronic regulator for expand pressure function. The system also includes a master safety relay, power management and an ethernet port for PLC Comms.

The Touch Screen Hot Box gives you:

  • Prototype or Low Volume Balloon Blowing
  • All parameters are fully digitally controlled
  • Full Safety Cover Around Thermal Nozzle

Operating Specifications:

  • Temperature 200-750° F +/- .25% F.S.
  • Heater Air 5-50 SCFH +/- 1.5 % F.S.
  • Air Pressure 0-100 psi +/- 1.0% F.S.
  • Vacuum ATM-18 mmHg +/- 5% F.S

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