Automated Mandrel Removal

Relieve Operator Fatigue

C80 Overall

Automate and simplify the painstaking task of mandrel removal. This system extracts the mandrel from the product shaft I.D. by drawing the mandrel out at a controlled speed. The system features pneumatic grips (three standard, additional optional) with silicone faces that can be positioned at various points along the shaft length while the mandrel is secured within a pneumatic collet grip.

Functional Overview:

The shaft and mandrel are secure within the grips. The machine begins to draw the mandrel out through three programmable speed and length zones.

The first speed/length zone is typically very slow and short, in order to break friction and the next two zones are progressively faster to speed the process. The mandrel is removed from the shaft and the cycle is complete.

This System Gives You:

  • Full programmability of three speed and length zones
  • Configurable Product Grip spacing and location
  • Full safety enclosure
  • Product length up to 72" (specified by customer)
  • 5C mandrel collet gripping
  • Recipe management with barcode entry option

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