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"This handy machine is unbeatable for Catheter Balloon Bonding. It’s low cost, takes up very little space, and is easy to use. We added 10 of these to our production lines for the same cost as one laser system"

--Tony Carlisle
Manufacturing Engineer
Catheter Balloon Bonding
The Balloon Bonder (Model 520-B)

The Balloon Bonder (Model 520-B)

Leveraging our long proven split-die technology, this system protects heat sensitive catheter balloons during the weld/bond process by encasing the balloon in a pneumatically actuated cavity immediately adjacent to the weld area. To further enhance protection, the die heads are retracted during the load/unload process of the component. The 520-B is also ideal for the protection of heat sensitive materials of non-balloon type catheters such as electrical components and coils.

The Balloon Bonder (520B) gives you:
  • Low Cost
  • Eliminates Process Steps
  • Balloon Shielding to heat protect during bond process
  • Ultra thin weld lengths for "laser-like" bonding
  • Increased through-put (Multi-Part Processing per cycle)
  • Timed heat and cool
  • Easy to set-up parameter settings

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