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"Quality tube bonding is the result of proper interfacing of material, tooling and heat delivery. The Beahm Designs Pre-Shrink/Bonding system elegantly brings these dynamics together to product high repeatability and yield"

--Ray Betelia
Catheter Engineer
Pre-Shrink Bonder (Model 620-B)

Pre-Shrink Bonder (Model 620-B)

Eliminates Process Steps

This system offers operators the ability to pre-shrink the sleeve and then bond or fuse two components together by applying heat and radial compression through an exclusive automated sequence. Two heat/cool process cycles combined with dual die head bores allows for pre-shrink and weld processes within a single process cycle.

Application examples: Lapp welds, Butt welds, Balloon bonds (distal/proximal), Weld sleeve pre-shrink.

Functional Overview:

1   Components are assembled over a mandrel(s) and the junction covered with a heat shrink sleeve.

2   The components are then aligned with the die head edge position and then secured within the grip assembly. The process is initiated.

  2.1   Die heads extend to the product and apply heat to the heat shrink sleeve via. Radius R1.

  2.2   Die heads extend to the product and apply heat to the weld area via. Radius R2.

  2.3   Die heads retract for cool cycle.

This system gives you:
  • Short Cycle Times (Comparable to RF Bonding)
  • Digital PID temperature controllers for each die head
  • Strict heat and cool duration
  • Precise control of Die Head Pressure
  • Easily interchange able Tooling

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 Auto Bonder (620-B)
 Auto Bonder (520-B)
 Split Die Bonder (320-B)
 Axial Bonder (420-B)
 Split Die Bonder (220-B)
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Pre-Shrink Catheter Tube Bonder

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