Balloon Dev (210-A)

Tube Expander - Linear

Tube Expander - Vertical

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"We selected Beahm Designs for their innovative approach to our specific needs, as well as their competitive pricing. Their service and attention to detail has been excellent. Beahm Designs willingness to help us achieve our goals of a unique piece of equipment has made it an easy transition from concept to reality. We at FBK Medical Tubing thank you."

--Hubert Thomas
Plant Manager
FBK Medical Tubing
Balloon Development System (Model 210-A)

Model 210-A

Eliminate Operator Dependency

Our fully-equipped system provides precise delivery of heated air to your choice of precision thermal nozzles. In addition, added features allow you to perform balloon forming and tubing expansion. Capabilities include prototype balloon development, production and tubing expansion.

The Balloon Development System gives you:
  • Accurate temperature control and precise air delivery
  • Foot pedal actuated cooling line with flow control
  • Remote heater enclosure for greater bench top space
  • Integrated air pressure and vacuum features for balloon forming and tubing expansion

Vee-Guide Attachment AC 100

Vee-Guide Attachment AC 100

Upgrade Accessory Eliminates Operator Dependency
Delivering the ultimate in Hot Air System process control, this add-on (AC100) easily attaches to existing catheter Beahm Designs Hot Air Systems 210-A and 185-A for increased yield of up to 80%. The accessory (AC100) provides optimal product centering within the thermal nozzle to provide operators with the ability to repeatably perform highly precise tube and shaft bonds with strict process control. The accessory features interchangeable guide inserts and adjustments on the on the Y and Z axis to refine accuracy and accommodate a wide variety of product configurations.

The AC 100 gives you:
  • Yield - Increased output of up to 80%
  • Accuracy - Adjusts on Y and Z axis for optimal product centering within thermal nozzle
  • Repeatability - Fixtured, centered product positioning lowers margin of error for fewer defective products
  • Value - Easily attaches Beahm Designs Hot Air Systems 210-A and 185-A
  • Safety - Protective heat shield
  • Flexibility - Interchangeable product guide inserts

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Balloon Dev (210-A)
Tube Expander - Linear

Tube Expander - Vertical

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Vee-Guide AC 100
Boost Productivity with New AC-100 Add-on

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