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"We selected Beahm Designs for their innovative approach to our specific needs, as well as their competitive pricing. Their service and attention to detail has been excellent. Beahm Designs willingness to help us achieve our goals of a unique piece of equipment has made it an easy transition from concept to reality. We at FBK Medical Tubing thank you."

--Hubert Thomas
Plant Manager
FBK Medical Tubing
Auto-Necker (Model 830-B)

Automated Tube Necking System 830B

This semi-automated Heated Die Tubing Necker reduces the outer diameter of a length of shaft tubing by drawing it through a heated carbide or similar round die. Die temperature, traverse speed and traverse length parameters are accurately controlled and are easily adjusted via front panel motion control key pad. Capabilities include a wide range of sizes and lengths, stepped or tapered transitions.

The Auto Necker gives you:
  • Highly repeatable diameter reductions
  • Quick, convenient die changes
  • Accurate draw speed and length control
  • Precise die temperature control
  • Can neck up to three tubes up to 8 feet long

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Beahm Designs Necking System 830 B

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