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“Quality tube bonding is the result of proper interfacing of material, tooling and heat delivery. The Beahm Designs Pre-Shrink/Bonding system elegantly brings these dynamics together to product high repeatability and yield”

“We selected Beahm Designs for their innovative approach to our specific needs, as well as their competitive pricing. Their service and attention to detail has been excellent. Beahm Designs willingness to help us achieve our goals of a unique piece of equipment has made it an easy transition from concept to reality. We at FBK Medical Tubing thank you.”

“The VS810-A has been an essential piece of processing equipment in our catheter shaft lamination process. The 810-A is a robust machine; we run two shifts and has performed over 300,000 cycles since installation with no downtime.”

“So I thought the fixture was brilliant the parts went gliding through in 10 seconds, FEP slit perfectly, catheters undamaged.”

“Our former process was highly operator dependent and required a great deal of skill and training. With Beahm Designs Thermal Bonder our process is much more robust. And the level of quality control lets us focus on our core competency, tubing and balloon manufacturing.”