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Creating catheter balloons? Join this webinar and learn from Machine Solutions experts on key factors associated with creating, processing and testing precision catheter balloons.

Representing industry leading brands, BW-TEC, Crescent Design and MSI this 3-part Webinar will provide you with insights related to Pleat & Fold, Forming and Testing catheter balloons.

Register today to learn how you can repeatably produce and test balloons with confidence.

We’re pleased to announce that our products have recently been declared to meet CE conformity. Our machines are certified as a product that meets essential requirements relevant to European Directives as it relates to the safety and performance requirements in the European Union.

Featuring 3 Catheter Tube Bonding experts, with over 60 years of cumulative experience in Laser, RF and resistive heating tube bonding, this webinar will cover topics including Material Selection, Configuration, Manufacturability and Testing. Our experts will teach techniques and the critical steps used to create quality repeatable tube bonds.

Machine Solutions is committed to providing the most innovative, cutting-edge solutions to our engineering customers.  Browse the page below, and learn about the latest in manufacturing for Balloon Catheters, Stent Crimping, Catheter Tipping, Tube Bonding, Testing, Braided Shaft, and Lamination.

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