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10-up Catheter Laminating Machine (1010A)


Using Beahm Designs hallmark hot air technology, this system delivers strictly controlled heated air while traversing process appropriate thermal nozzles at a precisely regulated speed. Results in highly repeatable, uniform laminations of medium to long-length catheter shafts. Process repeatability, high yield and uniformity are further reinforced with the use of tubing centering guides to ensure accurate catheter centering within the heat zone.

Traverse speed and length settings are entered via touch-screen HMI and a motion controller ensures precision and repeatability. This system is capable of multiple length and speed transitions within a single cycle and within the heat zone, and independent temperature control of each thermal nozzle. The 810A prevents the longitudinal elongation and uneven recovery problems associated with oven use. As well as incidence of hot or cold spots during the shrinking process.

Functional Overview:

The materials are secured between each end clamp. Upon activation of the process cycle, the thermal nozzle advances to the materials and then traverses along their length at a controlled speed. The outer heat shrink layer is then stripped away.

This system gives you:

  • Consistent laminations.
  • Process Control (ie temperature, traverse rate, expand pressure)
  • Adjustable Load Height
  • Touchscreen HMI with storage for up to 100 recipes
  • Full EH&S Safety Enclosure
  • Pneumatic parallel actuated product grips.
  • 6 speed and length zones.
  • Adjustable grip pressure.
  • Interchangeable grip heads.


Catheter Tubing Materials Virtually all thermoplastics
such as but not limited to;


Tooling Options Thermal Nozzle
Grip tooling
Temperature Range Thermal Nozzle
Grip tooling
Catheter Lamination Lengths Up to 175cm (custom length on request)
Tubing Size 1 to 31 Fr
0.013″ to 0.375″ in
Facilities Requirements
Electrical: 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz. 3-phase, 500-3500 watts

Air: 100-125 psi, filtered (50 μM or better), 1.0-10 CFM

Services Equipment Design and Development
Process Development
First Article Samples – Prototyping

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