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AC280 Hot Box Automation Accessory

The Beahm Designs Inc. Model AC-280 is a process automation accessory designed to work in conjunction with an existing Beahm Hot Air Station remote enclosure as a retrofit enhancement. Once assembled to the remote enclosure, the system automated the previously manual task of positioning components within the thermal nozzle and timing the heat and cool duration, enhancing precision and repeatability.

The system features exceptional configurability through tested modular design elements and interchangeable tooling and complete safety guarding is standard.


  • Components are assembled and positioned within the guide inserts and the gravity clamps lowered to secure the components
  • The process sequence is started and the thermal nozzle is advanced to the components for the duration of the heat timer setting.
  • Upon completion of the heat duration the thermal nozzle retracts from the components and the cool cycle initiates and continues for  the duration of the timer setting.


  • Vision Magnification Improved Efficiency
  • Boost Yield with Your Beahm Hot Box
  • Leverage your existing investment. Gain more for your money.


  • Heat Duration: 0-9999 seconds +/-0.1 second
  • Cool Duration: 0-9999 seconds +/-0.1 second

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