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Auto-Tipper (Model 510-A)

The Auto-Tipper quickly and easily forms catheter tips on a wide range of tubing sizes and materials, and is the only tipping system available today that accommodates both glass and metallic tipping dies. Air heating and cooling of the die eliminates the bio-burden hazard associated with water-cooled systems. Capabilities include open or closed ends, and rounded or tapered tip styles.

The Auto-Tipper gives you the ability to:

  • Produce virtually any tip geometry on a wide range of catheter sizes and styles
  • Create closed or open catheter tips
  • Directly observe the forming process when using glass tipping dies
  • Quickly change tooling for multiple size catheters
  • Use either metallic or glass dies
  • Eliminate the bio-burden and maintenance issues associated with water-cooled systems

Not sure whether hot air tipping will work for you? Beahm designs offers no-risk testing and guaranteed results. After signing your NDA, we use your supplied materials to run trials in our applications lab. We will identify and document parameter settings, cycle time and photograph the session for your review and testing.

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