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Automated Hot Air System

This system significantly improves Hot Air process repeatability and features user customizable tooling options to accommodate a wide range if product sizes and configurations. The Beahm Designs Inc. model MA-280 is an Automated Hot Air Station for the which fixtures and positions a product within the heat zone of a thermal nozzle for a timed duration and then cooling the product for a timed duration.

Functional Overview

Components are positioned within the clamping mechanisms and the cycle initiated. The thermal nozzle advances to the product and remains in place for the duration of the timer then retracts.

This system gives you:

  • Repeatable product fixturing.
  • Timed Process Control
  • Automated Heat Delivery
  • Precise Air Control


  • Heat Duration: 0-9999 seconds +/- 0.1 sec , Resolution: 1.0 sec
  • Cool Duration: 0-9999 seconds +/- 0.1 sec , Resolution: 1.0 sec
  • Heat Temp: Ambient – 750F


  • Voltage: 120 vac 50/60 Hz
  • Power: 500 watts
  • Compressed Air: 100 – 120 PSI, 1.0 cfm

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