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Automated Mandrel Stretcher

Automate and simplify the painstaking task of mandrel removal. This system elongates process mandrels to break the resistance created during such procedures as laminations, braiding and coil winding that cause significant friction between the polymer and mandrel surface. This simplifies the arduous process of clamping one end of the mandrel in a vice and grasping the opposite end with pliers while manually applying tension force until the mandrel stretches. Featuring high force pneumatic grips, a means to adjust the grip to grip distance. Functional Overview: The mandrel ends are positioned within the system grips. Upon activation of the stretch function, one grip slowly thrusts away from the other. The product assembly is unclamped and one end of the mandrel trimmed at the end of the product and the product removed.

This System Gives You:

  • Dual Operation capability (vertical or horizontal)
  • Variable multistep draw speed
  • Modular mandrel grip configurability
  • Configurable Product Gripping: Full length or Segmental
  • Product Shaft and Mandrel are released independently
  • No-flex frame/enclosure construction
  • Full safety enclosure
  • Stroke length up to 12″
  • Grip to grip distance 68″ (specified by customer)
  • 300 lb pull force

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