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HPD-6 Tube Driller

PlasticWeld’s HPD-6 table-top fully programmable drilling system with slug ejection and capture. This single spindle drill places holes along a 6 inch segment and the program allows virtually unlimited number of holes with varying spacing and rotation. Designed for maximum flexibility for clean room use.


  •  Semi-automatic operation: operator loads the catheter and actuates the program via double finger buttons. Once all holes are drilled, operator removes the catheter.
  • Standard hole pattern length is 6 inches, others available upon request
  • 110 VAC 50/60 Hz, 15 amp electrical power requirement
  • 80 psi (minimum) clean, compressed air supply required
  • Omron PLC with operator touch pad for programming and data entry. Custom programming available
  • Oriental Motors linear actuators for precise distance and speed control
  • Proprietary tube-size-specific collet design securely holds and rotates catheter tubing for tight tolerance requirements

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