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PlasticWeld Systems HPS-05 DB

PlasticWeld’s HPS05-DB 2-up polished eye former was originally developed for the urinary drainage catheter market, where smooth-edged eyes are a critical performance feature. A proprietary actuator system provides precise control of the eyelet-forming punches, and is adaptable from 5 Fr up to 22Fr tube sizes.

PlasticWeld’s HPS05-DB tip forming systems utilizes a 500 watt power supply paired with precisely controlled pneumatic actuators to provide exceptional, consistent results for economical 1-up or 2-up tip forming or simple flaring. The machine handles a wide range of tube sizes. Multiple options are available customize the operation and functionality of the system.


  • Machine can be configured to produce one or two tubes with each cycle, and can punch up to two (2) eyes on each tube – oriented 180 degrees apart with minimum 0.5 inch offset along the length of the tube.
  • Low friction pneumatic slide(s), adjustable forward and return speed, distance control and pneumatic pressure.
  • PLC and Color Touch-screen Operator Interface control all mechanical functions and provide program storage.
  • 0-100% step-less power, heat On/Off and diagnostic functions are all controlled through the Operator Interface Panel.
  • Programmable multi-level heating cycles.
  • Constant current control within ± 0.5% of a 10% line voltage variation.
  • Load matching transformer & capacitors.
  • Easy clean Stainless Steel Cabinet with integrated work platform.
  • High precision pneumatic regulators for eye punch slides.
  • Water cooled coil.

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