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PlasticWeld Systems HPS-EM

PlasticWeld’s HPS-EM tip forming system utilizes a 500 watt power supply paired with a precisely controlled pneumatic actuator to provide exceptional, consistent results for 1-up tip forming or simple flaring. The machine handles a wide range of tube sizes. Digital timers and dial potentiometer provide accurate control of the process parameters.


  •  (1) Low friction pneumatic slide, adjustable forward and return speed, distance control and pneumatic pressure.
  • Collet clamping of tube with adjustable clamp pressure.
  • Individual digital timers for pre-heat, heat and cooling time control
  • Dial potentiometer control of heat
  • LCD display of power supply output (volts)
  • Load matching transformer & capacitors.
  • Easy clean Stainless Steel Cabinet with integrated work platform.
  • Precision pneumatic regulators.
  • Water cooled coil and tool holder.
  • Air cooling of dies.
  • Simple adjustment for correct coil placement.
  • Micrometer stop adjustment for slide travel
  • Cycle initiation by panel push button or foot pedal switch.
  • PlasticWeld Systems RF Transistorized Solid State HPS05 induction heating unit, 110/120 or 220/240 volt 50/60hz, 1 phase; operates at a set frequency between 50 and 100 kHz
  • Self-contained re-circulating ambient air liquid cooler


  • Open system design which allows for you to design and manufacture your own molds
  • Flexible system allows for changing molds, heater coils and heater position. Ideal for R&D engineers trying to test new concepts.
  • Ideal for long length dilators and large diameter applications

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