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Lap Joint Split Die Bonder
(Model 320-B)

This Multi-Purpose bonding platform provides Beahm split die bonding machines additional process controls.  This machine, specifically designed for lap joints, features fixtured product handling,  timed heat, timed cool duration and includes precision weld tooling. This handy bench-top system reliably performs high quality precision thermal welding of polymer tubing, such as single to multi-lumen braided shaft or thin wall balloons to catheter shafts. These lap joint machines have a very small foot print and are simple to operate, performing each weld within 5-30 seconds, depending on the material and tubing size.

The Lap Joint Split Die Thermal Bonder (320B) gives you:

  • Alleviates operator dependency
  • Repeatable product fixturing
  • Strict heat and cool control
  • Repeatable product positioning
  • Fast, highly repeatable bonds
  • Wide range of bond widths and diameters including very narrow weld profiles
  • An adjustable clamp pressure which varies the compression force on joint
  • A compact design which provides you with additional work space

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