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The Balloon Bonder
(Model 520-B)

Leveraging our long proven split-die technology, this system protects heat sensitive catheter balloons during the weld/bond process by encasing the balloon in a pneumatically actuated cavity immediately adjacent to the weld area. To further enhance protection, the die heads are retracted during the load/unload process of the component. The 520-B is also ideal for the protection of heat sensitive materials of non-balloon type catheters such as electrical components and coils.

The Balloon Bonder (520B) gives you:

  • Low Cost
  • Eliminates Process Steps
  • Balloon Shielding to heat protect during bond process
  • Thin weld lengths with high strength bonds
  • Increased through-put (Multi-Part Processing per cycle)
  • Timed heat and cool
  • Easy to set-up parameter settings


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