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Tube Expander – Linear (Model 415-A)

The Beahm Designs Inc. model 415-A Thermal Expander is a system for the purpose of thermoforming thermoplastic tubings by means of traversing a thermal nozzle along the length of the tube while pressurizing the I.D. Depending on the material, the tube may be constrained within a capture tube or mold to control diameter and/or specific geometries.

Functional Overview:
A length of tubing is secured between each end clamp either with or without the capture tube over the tube length. The starting end of the tube is attached to the pressure seal and then the opposite end is pinched, gripped or otherwise sealed. Upon activation of the process cycle, the thermal nozzle advances to the tube and then traverses along its length while pressure is applied to the I.D. causing the tube to expand.

This system gives you:

  • Consistent expanded diameters
  • Process Control (ie temperature, traverse rate, expand pressure)
  • Convenient Tube Connection to pressure source

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