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Includes one set of blank dies. Each die additional die size adds $325 to price.

The unique and simple die head design of the Split Die Thermal Bonder provides a low cost, quick tool alternative to RF die bonding. The three parameter operation is easy to set-up,and simplifies system calibration and process validation.

The Split Die Thermal Bonder gives you:

  • Fast, highly repeatable bonds
  • Wide range of bond widths and diameters including very narrow weld profiles
  • The ability to perform highly precise bonds for demanding applications such as short balloon bonds and ultra-smooth lap and butt welds
  • An adjustable clamp pressure which varies the compression force on joint
  • A compact design which provides you with additional work space

Vee-Guide Attachment AC 226

The AC226 gives you:

  • Yield – Increased output of up to 80%
  • Control – Eliminates “Operator Dependency”
  • Repeatability – Fixtured, centered product positioning provides lower margin of error (defective products)
  • Value – Easily attaches to existing Beahm Bonder (220B)
  • Safety – Acts as Die Head Heat shield
  • Interchangeable product nests
  • Provides adjustments for Y and Z Axis for optimal product centering within thermal jaws AC-226

Machined Die Sizing Suggestion:
0.002″ less than the O.D. of the pre-shrunk protective sleeve

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