Auto-Tipper (510-A)

Hot Air Systems

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"We selected Beahm Designs for their innovative approach to our specific needs, as well as their competitive pricing. Their service and attention to detail has been excellent. Beahm Designs willingness to help us achieve our goals of a unique piece of equipment has made it an easy transition from concept to reality. We at FBK Medical Tubing thank you."

--Hubert Thomas
Plant Manager
FBK Medical Tubing
Hot Air Systems (Models 210-A, 185-A, 160-A)
Hot air systems are a manual version of the Auto-Tipper. The tipping die is manually positioned in the hot air stream of the thermal nozzle while the tubing is inserted into the die by hand. The die and tubing are then positioned at the cooling nozzle to be cooled by ambient compressed air.
Model 210-A
Balloon Development System
(Model 210-A)
Standard System (Model 185-A)
Standard System
(Model 185-A)
Starter System (Model 160-A)
Starter System
(Model 160-A)

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Auto-Tipper (510-A)
Hot Air Systems
(210-A, 185-A, 160-A)

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